Thursday, 28 June 2007

Flaming June Get Your Act Together

Flaming June continues to be anything but in our neck of the woods. Still from what I can gather I would have been worse off in Leeds regarding humidity.
A trek down to The Woods That Legend Spake Of (spooky music) has revealed this tree fruiting away. Some kind of crab apple? or something else altogether ?
Plus a handful of cherry trees round the edge so a bit of sun and who knows they might even ripen. The lack of sun is really getting a bit beyond a joke now. We never expected to be lighting the woodburner past the middle of May. I take solice from the fact that I could be queuing in the rain on the M62 instead of getting splattered with chopped up bits of slug when I am out wielding the strimmer.
The crap weather has brought out the books (sod the DIY) and I am perusing recipes for stuff that can be cooked at gas mark inferno, homebrew things to try, in fact generally having a day of planning to do stuff. It's kind of like winter.


Kitt said...

Oh, so that's where all our coolness and rain have gone! The sun here has been set at gas mark inferno for weeks, and it's miserable.

You're welcome to come mow the lawn for me and enjoy it.

Imperatrix said...

I hear it's 43 degrees and humid-with-a-capital-aitch in Canada.

So I take what we get without complaining (too much). ;-)

Karen said...

Kitt I'll send you the rain over right away! I'll take your sunshine but pass on the lawn mowing thanks

Imperatrix I have to talk about the weather I'm British it's expected Is that 43 degrees c or f?

Hedgewizard said...

Could be a medlar tree - une néflier - la néfle is French for medlar. I think. Ask a neighbour!

Anonymous said...

t'aint apples

Karen said...

I'll show some to the neighbours then see what they think. THianks for the translation