Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Guilty Pleasures

Yesterday evening our friend Ian brought us this tiny kitten not knowing what had happened with Borg in the morning.

She had been seen with her mother at the house where he is working but then mum hadn't been around for a day.
The timing isn't great but there you are.
We have managed to get her eating at first from the end of a finger and now from a dish.
She has been to the vets today for de-worming and de-fleaing and has been pronounced a healthy six weekish tigre gris (grey tabby?).
TS is calling her Mo I'm calling her Mi-Mo. ( much as I admire Mo Mowlam I just can't see the resemblance. Although she is very fiesty).

Tasha wants her for her very own puppy despite the hissing and growling. Sissy thinks she's spooky "she's small but she's not far away!"


Imperatrix said...

That is such a cute face. I'd call it Serendipity. ("Dippy" for short).

Karen said...

TS was almost swayed there he didn't like Dippy but thought Seren then it was back to Mo!