Thursday, 5 July 2007

And still it rains

Except it's not raining today at least not yet but it does look like rain.

Our friend Miranda was talking to a French farmer who says this weather is down to the moon and that it won't improve dramatically till after the 14th. So roll on the 14th - Bastille Day, fireworks and good weather.

It's all a bit disappointing in the garden at the moment but some stuff seems to be coping with the wet weather. The brussels sprouts, the red cabbage (we bought seedlings in of that just to add a bit of colour really), the french beans are still going strong as are the peas and the sweetcorn is still looking good.

I wish I'd planted more peas now as I didn't expect them to be quite so nice and we haven't really got enough plants in to get two portions of peas for a meal. We are having a tiny portion of peas and a huge portion of French beans. The long term stuff that takes up a lot of space like potatoes are definitely going in the Orchard next year to give us chance to try lots of variety and so get some insurance against the weather.

We have been consoling ourselves by retreating into science fiction watching Stargate DVDs every night. We had an all too brief interlude of Firefly (why did they axe that series?) and a couple of Dr Who's as well.

In between that we are rescuing Sissy from the kitten. That dog is such a wimp. Tasha has put paid to kitten pestering by a very serious snarl in the kitten's face. Sissy always moves away which gives the kitten a hugely inflated idea of just how tough she is leading to a swaggering kitten walk (think Ryker on Star Trek while we are on Sci Fi).


Imperatrix said...

Firefly is great. I think we'd have lots more great television if people like Joss Whedon weren't muffled by TV execs.

I also liked the series much better than the movie (Serenity). Oh well.

Kitt said...

Always plant three times as many peas as you think you will need! I resolve every year to do that the next year, and I still never have enough. Mainly because they can't seem to make it any farther from the vine than my mouth. Certainly never as far as the dinner table.

Karen said...

Imperatrix I hate it when we come to the last episode on the DVD there should of been so much more to it. I prefer the series to the film too

Kitt Yes at least three times as many next year. They are so good just eaten off the vine in the garden though aren't they

Hedgewizard said...

Firefly didn't stick to formula enough for the "suits" and Joss Whedon wasn't toeing the line. Knickers to the lot of them. I mean, two series - 4400 and firefly. Which one deserves to run?