Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Why was it we wanted a kitten?

My hands are decidely manky at the moment I look like I have some sort of weird skin condition. Can you guess who's responsible?

Not that cute itty bitty kitty? Who should be featuring on greetings cards and chocolate boxes surely not.

I've tried everything I can think of to impress upon her that throwing herself at me and biting as hard as she can while holding on with all her claws is not fun. She begs to differ. I don't know if this is because she's a feral kitten or she's just a little b******

I've tried stopping the game (bit tricky this when you didn't start it in the first place)

Putting her on the floor and shunning her.

Distracting her with toys

Making hissy spitty noises at her.

Holding her down by the scruff of her neck till she squeaks (it used to work for our cat Walter when we introduced pesky kittens into the household)

The latest is a squirty bottle of water. This at least has made a slight impression so I have had no fresh wounds for a day now. She bites gently and taps my fingers with claws in. Success? I don't know. She does it with one eye on the bottle and a look that says Mr Squirty won't always be here.

Petty revenge today. We took her to the vets for jabs.

She yowled and carried on all the way there. We warned the vet she can be a bit wild.

"Moi?" says Mimo gently patting the vet on the tip of her nose. "I'm just an ickle bitty chocolate box kitten"


Hedgewizard said...

This'll make Tech Support laugh - "never approach a kitten in Active Mode"

Kitt said...

Aw, what a cute little terror!

Squirty bottles are definitely handy when it comes to misbehaving critters. Mine never needs it, but when Leo the Hell Poodle is visiting, I am never without it. It's the only way to get him to Shut Up.

I also discovered it can chase away the squirrel who insists on chewing on my birch tree when I'm sitting under it, dropping a hail of tree debris on me. I run up to the upstairs desk and squirt him and he hightails it out of there.

Hopefully kitty will grow out of the crazies.

Karen said...

HW we especially liked the conclusion that a kitten was best but a new video card was 1.5 X better than a baby

Kitt I think the best we can hope for is that in a few months she can go outside and use some of her energy up out there she does have her nicer moments but usually we have to do something like rescue her off the top of the wardrobe to experience those

Rodrigo said...

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Kitt said...

Boy, that Rodrigo sure gets around with his t-shirt spam. I've seen it on a dozen blogs already.

Karen said...

Oh that's what it is I hadn't got round to checking it

soleil said...

what a cute kitty! is she a maine coon? she kind of looks like my kitty when she was itty bitty. and she liked to attack with all her teeth and claws. my boyfriend and i used to joke about how we look like we mutilate ourselves. she's grown out of the clawing but still likes to bite but uses gentler force. she is quite rambunctious but also very affectionate and licks my fingers and hands and face all the time as if she were a little puppy.

Karen said...

Hi Soleil - no she's just a French waif with attitude and definately not big enough to be a maine coon or related to one. We're just hoping she grows out of it