Friday, 11 May 2007

Chateau La Pants

Yesterday our friend sent us some pictures that really cheered us up.

No it wasn't puppies and kittens doing cute stuff. It was pictures of her house looking like what it is at the moment, a building site.

So I thought I would post some candid shots of our bathroom to be and our kitchen/dining/living room to be. To cheer up anyone else who thinks they're the only ones living like that.

Having said and done all that it actually looks better in the pictures than in real life so if you're thinking "Oh my god how can they live like that?" I'm sorry but it's worse than you can imagine. But it only bothers us intermittently, certainly not enough for us to really crack on with stuff. You'll notice we missed our deadline on the bathroom walls but tomorrow quite possibly they will be done.

I apologise for the title of this post but it has made Tech Support laugh for the last two years now and he insisted.

It's back on the pills for him tomorrow.


Hedgewizard said...

Don't worry Karen, blowing the shots up to full size exposes the real horror. That was us a year ago - now we're just fighting the builders!

Karen said...

a large part of old job was arguing with builders you have my sympathy. I'm glad it looks really horrible (I think) I wouldn't want people to think I was exaggerating

Jen said...

Crumbs, I do admire your bravery...

Chateau La Pants is SUCH a good name :) I might accidentally steal it for my novel...

Despite the pics looking so horrendous, I can imagine how wonderful it will be (eventually!!)

Karen said...

Please don't encourage him Jen but feel free to steal the name. I wasn't sure he hadn't stolen it from some carry on film but he says he's saving Firkham Hall for his next project!

Jen said...

Firkham Hall indeed! That DID make me smile :)

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