Thursday, 17 May 2007

Pees Please

At last we have walls around the bathroom so not only do I now have a pot to pee in but I can pee in it in peace. The luxury is overwhelming. Hot water at the weekend. Bloody hell life is good!

I have been on slug patrol this evening. All our slugs are reddy orange so at least they are easy to spot. I can't bear to touch them so I wonder round the garden with a plastic pot and an oversized dining fork collecting them up (no I don't spear them just sort of manouver them into the pot). Then, since I can't bear to kill them either I relocate them to the woods. Strangely I have no qualms about feeding them to the Dinnerladies but they won't eat them even though they promise to when they are lined up at the wire saying "What you doing? Give us some". They just stab at them a bit then spend ages going "Yuk slimey slugs" and wiping their beaks. (well they do in my world thank you very much ).

Some stuff in the garden is doing really well. You could string a hammock between the spuds , honest. Other suff, well it's crap and just not trying like the leeks or it didn't bother to grow at all. Yes kidney beans I mean you. So tomorrow I am going to start some more stuff off. In pots because I can not distinguish between weeds and veg yet and I'm sick of having myself on that there is a row of food there and not a general blotch of weed seedlings.

I love gardening.


Hedgewizard said...

Hot water at the weekend... is it me, or does that have a familiar ring to it?

For slug consumption you really need a duck or two, and a tin bath or pond for them to wash in frequently. If you do go down that route though, choose your breed carefully because some will search through your plants looking for slugs, whereas some will search through your slugs looking for plants!

Anji said...

You remind me of me discovering all the insects - a few years ago now. The brown slugs look really disgusting, fortunately I haven't had too many.

My mum had a friend who's loo was missing a wall for weeks, with a view of the open fields (fortunately). It was affectionately know as 'A Loo with a View'

Karen said...

HW - mmm well almost certainly definately this weekend. Ducks? they could be worked into phase two I guess that would be fun.

Anji isn't it wonderful to be somewhere with such an abundance of life. Glad it's not just us without walls