Sunday, 13 May 2007

Flash Bang What a Picture

Oh I've started something now mentioning Carry On films he's turning the house even more upside down looking for his DVD of Carry On Up the Khyber. He'll be shouting "Strawberry Mousse" next.
Today started much earlier than we'd planned with a huge clap of thunder. Within moments we were joined in bed by a quivering dog and slightly later by a cat who was acting fairly nonchalant but thought he'd make sure we were OK.

Little Borg has perked up a lot so we tempted him out for a walk in the garden. The old beams at the side of the path are perfect when he wants to sharpen his claws, he huffs and puffs between each session like he's run a marathon though.

In between putting up the stud work for the walls upstairs (yes we now have a framework with doors in!) Tech Support finally got his scarce swallowtail on the rhododendron picture.

All in all a pretty good day but it looks like ending on the same note it began our canine thunder detector is looking decidedly nervous.


My Den said...

Seems like your experiment in self sufficiency is going along just fine. Wish i could do that in S'pore. By the way,i have a feline storm detector.

Karen said...

Our feline is too busy looking good!