Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

UK and France it's just the same. Bank holiday Monday and it siled down all day. This is the third rainy bank holiday in a row between days where the temperature has got up as high as 28 degrees. Go figure.

It's a phenomenon I may have to add to the Olde Breezy Breake Almanac "If the shoppes be shutte rain will fill your butte". Has quite a ring I think.

I used to like rain as an excuse to curl up with a book and do nothing at all. Now rain means I have to work in the house on DIY stuff instead of being out in the garden talking to the chickens and weeding, urrhumph. So I'm torn.

We have our "crops" out in the garden a couple of dry hot sunny days and we're looking at the sky for clouds to save the hauling up of water from the well and trudging about with watering cans but it means breaking out the toolkit and doing real work.

What the world needs is sunny days and rainy nights everyone says so. Someone ought to sort it out.


Kitchen Witch said...

It's so true though! Rain from c. 9.00, overnight, would be just perfick. Preferably stopping c. 5.20 so Mr. KW didn't get rained on en route to work. Not that I'm picky. Oh no.

Karen said...

If someone wants to organise it I'll go with the flow on the exact hours!

Jen said...

It's the chickens I feel for... could you not bring the poor feathery dudes in for a chat? Or at least write them a note?

Karen said...

Ah don't worry Jen they're amusing themselves by getting out and eating my veggies.