Saturday, 26 May 2007

Flavours of Eyrrie Indiana

They say travel broadens the mind and opens you up to new experiences. Today I am going to do something I've never done before. I'm going to a tupperware party. I can't wait.

I bet they've got all sorts of useful gadgets of the ilk that you see in Sunday Supplements. I absolutely love those little magazines. Mind you I love looking at the tools and bits and bobs in hardware shops too.

We got two of the little magazine things with the advertising bumph that arrives every Wednesday (handy for picking up French words). They sell everything from garden furniture, hunting equipment through to sex toys. The difference is the magazines arrive, you have a good browse (will it be the thing for opening cans or do I need a gadget for storing string?) then about a week later a lorry turns up in a village car park and you can go and buy all the stuff off it.



Mangonel said...

How about a shaped case for carrying your banana? Or a plastic spout you screw directly into your lemon? I love Lakeland Limited.

Karen said...

Oh I WANT the lemon spout. Tupperware had some great wibbly wobbly silicon baking trays but they were SO expensive for someone who hasn't got a working oven.

Edda said...

Thanks for writing this.