Thursday, 31 May 2007

An excuse to post pictures of goats

We stopped off to look at some pygmy goats in a field (where else?) on the way back from the open all hours tabac/bar/restaurant/grocers/breadshop (they also sell flowers).

And they had a look back at us.

I can't help but think that two of these (at least) would be just the thing.

I like goats. I've liked them ever since I fed one with a bottle of milk at Scarborough Zoo & Marineland. Since that day I have planned to have goats. Good job it wasn't an elephant I suppose.

TS says "goats? we can't even control four 'king chickens"

I have to agree having watched him from the kitchen window this afternoon trying to herd them back from the woods. Stick in hand, like a cross between the Little Goose Girl and One Man and His Dog (cum bye bup bup bup)


Imperatrix said...

My favorite kind of goat are the big Nubians. Those floppy ears!

Karen said...

Thanks for the link. Love those ears! Ah Bless!

Karen said...
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Karen said...

so good I said it twice

Chandira said...

I paid a visit to a kangaroo farm recently, and I want a kangaroo or 3 now. Elephants would be awesome, but kangaroos are at last a bit more practical.. But no milk.. lol

Karen said...

Chandira at least you're being practical :) I'd start off with chickens though