Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sometimes You Should Buy Things - Self Sufficient or Not

Bob has been and done some electrical work today.

Ha ha we have hot water that comes out of our taps. Unfortunately it doesn't come out of the shower boo hiss.

Ha ha we have lightbulb holders and switches upstairs (no light though, you need bulbs and we didn't think to buy any). But it's another giant leap forward in the facilities here at Chateau La Pants.

We now have
A toilet that flushes and doesn't bite your bum
Walls around bathroom (but you can't shut the door completely because we forgot doorknobs)
HOT and cold water upstairs and down
Half the wall that is a kitchen done

A satisfactory end to a day that started with a most traumatic incident.

We were bustling about getting ready for the arrival of Bob. Tech Support had taken the dogs out I was drugging the cat when I glanced down at my left bosom. A speck of dirt. I brushed at it. It didn't go away. I brushed harder. It still didn't go away. It was attached. My heart started pounding. Surely not I thought, please no.

I asked Tech Support to check my bosom when he got back. He was surprised but happy to oblige. He confirmed my suspicions A TICK A TICK ATTACHED TO ME uuuuuurghh just doesn't describe it. Even uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh doesn't do it justice.

Luckily we were able to borrow a tick removing thingy from next door but one. The very type of tick removing thingy that I have been meaning to buy since I got here. Thinking of the dogs not me. We didn't have any antiseptic so a dab of Jack Daniels had to surfice.

The shopping list for tomorrow is
Tick Removing Thingy

I wonder if they do Frontline for people.


Hedgewizard said...

Oh, get over it. I've had a few since we moved here (although a friend did catch Lyme's Disease following a bite on Exmoor). Tick removal thing does fine for humans. Frontline doesn't kill ticks for long on cats, so if you get fed up pulling them off the animals you might consider using one of the old permethrin flea collars. They kill them for MONTHS but you have to watch your animal doesn't get skin sensitivity.

Irene said...

...and they itch for ages.

I just use my nails to grip, turn to the right and pull.

Works every time.

Best do a general inspection when you come in from the woods.

I hope you're well, well done on the hot water !!

Karen said...

You hardy pair. I may get used to the tics but I seriously doubt it.

HW I'll look into the flea collar thing v frontline Will one suit me do you think:)

Irene hot water is great! all of a sudden the washing is not something that has to be planned ahead