Thursday, 10 March 2011

Colour me purple

I've been meaning to post some more this week but all my PC type stuff has been taken up with messing about with pictures and a fab email correspondance with Aims my new official jewellery buddy. Now poor old TS gets a break from being forced to hear about my jewellery problems and look at work in progress.  Somehow she is also managing to be really productive you should check out the stuff she makes on her blog I love it especially her copper bangles.

On the non jewellery front I have purple hair now. At least that's what I told TS I was going to get because it doesn't do for him to be all complacent about what vision of loveliness is going to greet him as he walks through the door. For an added frisson of excitement my niece was doing it as part of her hairdressing course. Such was his relief when he saw the final outcome that he was incredibly taken by the new hair colour which is kind of a deep wine, a cheeky little bordeaux to go with my full bodied burgandyness. Purple in all it's guises from dove greys and lavenders through to blackberry is my favourite colour. It's going to be my new black. More than likely the high street will pick an entirely different colour for their new black especially with it being spring probably their new black will be pink I shall however go my own way probably via Oxfam.

Mmm other than that not much really I am still getting over my cold so need a nap at the drop of a hat or the merest mention of housework. Anyway got to go it's Buffy time. Then maybe another nap.


aims said...

Stop that napping you! I know what you are secretly yearning for and napping your way through it isn't go to get it done!

I was sort of hoping for a pic of your hair! You can email it to me if you want :0)

Thanks for the heads up my friend. It is fun be buds isn't it!

softinthehead said...

Hello Stranger- great to have you back. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I love the jewellery - good luck with that. Great colours. Hope you make it back to France sometime.

Breezy said...

Bonjour SITH!