Saturday, 12 March 2011

No I'm not napping I'm random

Beach Necklace - Sold
I'm finally officially over my cold and this is what I've been doing with my new found lack of napping. I wasn't quite up for full on metalwork so I've been making polymer clay beads.

This particular kind I love making, it has a kind of randomness as you put your various shades of polymer clay into the extruder and create string that blends them all together then wrap your string around the beads. I find it endlessly absorbing watching the colour blends emerge.

"Maybe you should get out more" I hear you say but colours look at the pretty colours plus Breezys love random.

Random Green Ncklace - Sold
My jewellery making has kept me sane since I got back or at least I can pass in a crowd. I did get an allottment initially (no this is not random) but as well as constantly being reminded by the cold, heavy, wet clay that I wasn't in my own lovely garden with my own lovely light, warm, fertile with things living it it soil I felt overlooked. My allotment wasn't the peaceful sanctuary my garden was there were rules, gates to be locked and stuff that might get pinched and the possibility of vandals and all the lovely poppies that sprang up were weeds and a war was being fought all around me. The only butterflies had come to scoff the cabages and the birds to dig up the peas and of course not a chicken in sight.  About the only thing I got out of it were some onions. It wasn't that the other allotmenteers were horrible but I wasn't going there to socialise I was going to get away from feeling crowded and being surrounded by concrete. It was just not the escape and fulfillment I was looking for.

Now then what was I saying about naps? It is a grey Saturday afternoon after all what else are you going to do?


aims said...

I love these! As you already know - the greens my colour! Well well done Breezy!

aims said...

I forgot to ask - how much are you going to charge for these this time around?

aims said...

Oh! Now I'm getting a better image of your clasp! It's lovely! What did you thread your beads on? Copper?

Breezy said...

Hi Aims

The clasps are really simple to make an expert wire worker like you will be able to see how but my customers prefer them to bought ones reinforces the handmadeness for them I think. They are threaded on Softflex Metalics (cppoer tone) beading wire which I'm glad I shelled out for as they hang really nicely and yes I have gone some way to taking your advice on pricing they are £20

aims said...

Just emailed before coming here. I totally agree on the price! It's perfect I think!

Going to look at that wire.