Saturday, 5 March 2011

Oscar and MISI

Oscar comes to us for his holidays or along for the ride when Oscar Mum and Oscar Dad come visiting. You should never judge a book by it's cover nor an Oscar Cat by his appearance. Inside there is the sweetest little fellow who does nothing more terrible than swear at birds through the window or tease the dogs with a flick of his tail across the nose.

He has that certain something and I had to have a go at making an Oscar so I drew him on a piece of copper then cut out something that barely followed my drawing,  since for some reason stuff looks different as you cut it out to when it's lines, or maybe I shouldn't of bought my glasses online from Hong Kong. Anyway enamelled him white, painted on his eyes with orange and black and was really rather pleased with him and myself. Oscar Mum liked the pressie too. So I have picked Oscar Dude as the first thing to go in my MISI shop. It's a shame really that my photos are quite dire but I am sure I will get better.

I was going to list several things but do you know it is all quite draining what with the fifty zillion pictures that are all rubbish even with the cropping and adjusting and the flash on and the flash off and the flash on auto and the light on and the light off and the lamp on and the lamp off and near the window and away from the window. Have you tried taking a picture of a brooch on a jacket you are wearing in a mirror without showing the camera and your double chins and the rather fetching cold sores that have appeared to get in on the act. Not to mention the uploading and writing descriptions and deciding how much to charge and feeling a bit cheeky really for selling stuff you've made even though your jewellery teacher says that she will pay real money for one. Do you know I started this yesterday tea time and now it's two o'clock the following afternoon? And me with the cold/flu and stuff and TS off at the University telling people that they too can be mature students and do degrees. I may have to go lie down.


aims said...

Look at you! Wow!

I've got so many questions - maybe we should email each other.

I've learned a few tricks with some photography - not much but I'm liking how they are turning out.

I also have some links I'd be more than willing to share with you.

Want to ask tons of questions.

Oh! Bought a Thomas Mann sawing kit while in New Orleans. Was in his store and bought the kit with the dvd - am excited but will have to wait until after the surgery.

At present am making 8 of those bangles - need to finish them by tomorrow at least.


Kitt said...

How cute and clever!

Breezy said...

Thank you Kitt

Aims I need all the photography help you can give I think it's something to do with it being shiny stuff (as us technical photography types say) e-mail on it's way to you just as soon as I have fed the dog

Moonroot said...

I love the little Oscar! And can I just say I know exactly what you mean about the listing business. I have the best fun making stuff for my Etsy store, but have come to dread the listing process.

Breezy said...

Hi Moonroot I remember you posting your first things on Etsy your store looks beautiful now. I am trying to motivate myself into taking some more pics using some of the tips Aims has sent me and I will honest as soon as I have finished this coffee, hung out the washing and all the other distraction exercises

JC said...

Beaty Cat, It Looks like The of Cat Stwart Litle Movie
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