Friday, 18 March 2011

I was going to moan but here's some kittens

I realise that I have not introduced two new characters in our lives this comes as I was going to tell you about my highly medical related week.

Max loves Jasper
 We have Max nominally TS's Christmas present from my Mum and Brother. He is a norwegian forest cat on his mother's side and a black and white moggie on his dad's. He has inherited mum's shape but has his own unique just a bit longer than short incredible silky coat which is black and white but with grey tabby markings in the black. This was a more than generous present on my brother's behalf as he doesn't really "get" cats. In the way of cats Max "gets" this and delights in using my brother as a climbing frame he also loves to hang out with my brother's dog Jasper. Well every cool dude needs a big daft mate.

Dora my birthday and Christmas pressie from TS and my brother is a british shorthair she is supposed to be growing into an Isadora but somehow it turned into Dizzy Dora and she now prefers to be called Dizz. She's the one who gets away with murder thanks to those big kitten eyes.I've even heard my brother saying "hello little girl" when he thinks no-ones listening. We are all her willing slaves we know we are being manipulated but we can't help ourselves she's just so sweet!

So how did you get up there then?
So I now feel I've gone on a bit and I've quite lost the thread on all the medical stuff. Never mind have a quite unseasonal picture of the kittens at Christmas


Moonroot said...

Awww. Gorgeous!

Kitt said...

So cute! I wish our kitties and dogs got along. The kitties like the dogs. The dogs want to eat the kitties.

Breezy said...

Kitt that's so unusual all our dogs have quickly realised the cats are in charge