Sunday, 20 March 2011

So where was I

Oh yes medical moans. To cut a long story short turned up for work half the week, Tuesday went for my annual  poke in the eyes at the hospital (high pressure plus extreme short sightedness plus funny shaped optic nerves = glaucoma risk) Wednesday went for my bosoms squeezed (oh the joys of being 50 and being invited along for a mammogram) Thursday gave up on the dying swan act and went to the doctors and got antibiotics now feel well enough to get the kiln out. Yippee! Back to work tomorrow but another trip to the hospital for blood tests to see why my joints ache (what do you want to bet that that is also something to do with being 50) and I can't shift a cold for four weeks. The blood test thing should have been taken care of Friday at the doctors but I have veins that hide at the sight of a needle. Anyway I don't care now cos with the aid of my trusty kiln and inspired by the bit of Spring sunshine, I made this and I'm feeling just a little bit pleased with myself nay quite smug really.If I can keep my energy levels up I feel a matching necklace and earrings coming on. Oh and I digressed into kittens on the last post because they have been to the vets to be neutered and are making considerably less fuss about things than I am.
Daisy chain bracelet
Enamel and copper


Moonroot said...

I absolutely LOVE that bracelet. Will it (or one like it) be appearing in the shop??? *hopeful*

Breezy said...

Hi Moonroot hopefully one very similar will be appearing in the shop. This was a prototype based on some ideas I have been playing with but I was so pleased with how it was looking I just had to share! I am going to be trying some other colours too but I do particularly like the turquoise with copper

aims said...

Aaaah! Moonroot has our tastes!

I do love it. Every single time I look at it - shiny copper included.

I can hardly wait until after payday for LoS!