Friday, 25 March 2011

Missing you already

The kittens are going away for the weekend to stay with Oscar. They have been for visits before but this is their first time of staying over. These are all practice runs for mutual cat sitting for holidays and such to make sure everyone can get along.

Whilst I will miss the little darlings and I have insisted that they are delivered home first thing Sunday morning (I can't be without them for the WHOLE weekend) I have to admit the thought of leaving out my jewellery making gear without danger of interferance is rather pleasant. Not to mention not having to go into total lockdown when I want to use the kiln.

Usually I set my stall out then Dora appears on the table. It all starts innocently enough with her sitting there front paws together tail curled neatly around looking politely interested but it can't last

" These little bits are good that you have put in this tray. Look I can hook them out and spread them all over the table for you"

"Look you dropped a bead I'll get it! oh,  I've accidently pushed it under the fridge"

"Those saw blades are quite fine aren't they. Are they crunchy too?"
" If I push this hammer off the table will it bounce do you think?"

"This box of scrap metal is actually comfier than it looks you know"

Eventually she gets sent to "help" TS with his studies

"Wow these are notes are they?  Don't they slide well you can get them under the sofa and everything. Were they in any particular order?"


aims said...

Gasp! You haven't sent me pics of these and I love them too! Isn't copper the most gorgeous colour?!!!

Of course it's got nothing to do with the colour of my hair or my green eyes but it does make this old babe feel good when I wear it.

50 huh? Yeah - you're in for it now.

Breezy said...

50? Tell me about it.

Yes copper does look good with your colouring I love the range of hues

Kitt said...

Silly kitties. Ours don't get into much trouble like that with me, but my husband has a hard time working on the computer sometimes, what with the wiggly girl turning somersaults in his lap and nosing the keyboard.

I hope the sleepover's a success! So much easier to travel knowing your critters are OK.