Thursday, 3 March 2011


OK so I said I'd almost finished sulking and I had but I was busy too so I didn't actually post anything but I meant to and my gosh doesn't time fly er um.

Since we last got together I have a job (and for quite a while blumin heck) which I am not doing today, or indeed any day this week so far, due to having a very nasty cold/flu and not having the kind of dedication that it takes to work myself to death. This level of dedication to not working myself to death is probably how I got where I am today.

TS is a full time (very) mature student which he is doing today despite having a nasty cold/flu because he is dedicated plus it is something that can be done from your sickbed. Anyway he appears to be good at it and enjoying it so there you go then yes indeed. It certainly beats being a greeter at ASDA which seems to be the only other geriatric role available round here that doesn't involve being labelled some kind of benefit scrounger and root of all the country's ills.

We still have the house in France which Debs & her other half have been kindly keeping an eye on and doing stuff to and we are clinging on to it although it allmost went on the market but we discovered that there wasn't actually a market for it to go on to. It's a long long time since we went though and sometimes I think we'll not see it again and sometimes I don't care as it still all feels a bit bittersweet.

Anyway moving on. I don't actually know what I'm going to write about now but I have been going to a jewellery class so I may just make you admire my creations it would certainly give TS a break

One enamel & copper pendant for the admiring of

Back in less than a year I hope

x Breezy


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

How fabulous to hear from you again. I really felt for you guys having to come home - it sounded so devastating to give up the dream. I hope that you get back to it one day. But you know you tried, that is so much more than many of us have ever done. I admire you for having a go. It's surely just on hold and not over.

I hope ou are going to post more because wherever you are your posts are great. All the best Breezy and welcome back you were missed.

Kitt said...

She's aliiiiiiive!

Pretty dangle.

Do you miss your chickens?

Breezy said...

Hi girls thanks for the welcome back

Yes Kitt I miss the chickens so much I wave at chickens on the telly. There will definately be chickens again when we live in a chicken friendly place

MOB I will post more, I've missed it really especially when I overhear a corker on the bus like "your phone is like a phone from the olden days" and I want to share

aims said...


Welcome back and look at you!

I love that piece! Well done!

I dearly wish I could take classes but there is nothing available close by. Everything is an hour and a half drive one way. And usually during the winter months.

I love working with copper!I'd love to learn enameling!

Gosh - I'm impressed!

Show me more!!!!

Moonroot said...

Glad you're back!
Love the pendant...

Breezy said...

Hi Aims and Moonroot

It feels good to be back after hiding away so long

I have really enjoyed my jewellery class I needed to get out. I also love copper for the wonderful patinas and warmth. There will be more jewellery coming soon if I ever get the knack of photographing it