Monday, 19 February 2007

...and relax

Feel better now for that rant.

I can turn my mind to happy thoughts, puppies and kittens and birdsong and stuff.

Me and Martin's Pc are going to boldly go where it's never gone before and check out chickens and chicken tractors. This is part of the self sufficiency strategy.

Assuming we can make a permanent re-location then we can get chooks (as we say in the trade) for the purposes of egg laying and doing the garden. Do the chickens get little spades and stuff? I hear you ask. No I smile and reply (having read all about it) they scratch about and clear the vegetation, eat the weed seeds and bugs and add fertiliser. You keep them in the chicken tractor so they concentrate on the bit of garden you want rather than the bit of garden they want. Sounds great.

So I want silkies because they're just so cute and lets face it they are going to be pets. Lawrence wants something brown and speckled and archetypal. We'll probably finish up with whatever turns up. Look at the rest of the animals

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