Monday, 26 February 2007

Bodging and Badgering

I started to browse about the panels for the raised beds and via green woodworking ,which was a pretty useful bit of info on the BTCV web site, I came across bodging which is polelathe turning. If I'm honest I have come across it before in Ben Law's book The Woodland Way and I think I may have to give it a go.

No not just because of the name, although I will admit that is a major attraction I think Bodger would look good on a business card for instance, but because of the great stuff these people are making on a piece of machinery that you can make yourself. And they are making them out of what would essentially be scrap wood.

There are bowls, toys, candle holders, little boxes loads more things than I could imagine being made on a lathe. Not that I do a lot of imagining about lathes as such.

Badgering? no nothing about that I just wanted it in the title.


Anonymous said...

Hi loz Simon here, look at book , the forgotten arts, good stuff on pole lathes, also see net making, for trapping fish/game, buy a pole cat/ferret. Provides meat for't pot. Le pan' or rabbit to thee. The french name for rabbt is PAN, how quaint yet direct? Goats have 40 yrs experience in keeping them for milk/meat,just ask for advise.

Karen said...

Oh an ally in my animal collecting plans!
I'd link this to the appropriate post on Arnold the Methodical if only I knew how. The goats are in the bags then cos we know men listen to their mates before their wives