Sunday, 25 February 2007

Bed raising, Self sufficiency the musical

I know it's spring and this is an autumnal picture but I just like it. I took it at the fishing lake at St Sornin-Leulac when we were house hunting. I cropped the right hand side to get rid of Techsupport's bum. (he was bending over to pick up chestnuts)

Although I'm stll thinking about vegetables and the raised beds. In fact I sketched it all out again today but I've still not got it all staight in my mind what's going where. These thoughts have led me to thinking about trees and woodland due to thinking about where to get the wood for the raising of said raised beds.
Mmm perhaps we can have a bed raising sort of like a barn raising, but for people with limited DIY skills who don't like ladders. There could be food and checked shirts and slapping of thighs and everything.
There is lots of wood in the barn but Techsupport says it might be useful for some other project like building the kitchen or a table.
I'm cooking up the idea of some sort of woven panels. The stakes could be chestnut which apparently is good for that kind of thing as it does not rot quickly and we have lots of chestnut so that's score 1 for self sufficiency. We also have hazel and bamboo but the question is can they be used freshly cut for the in and out bits of the weave. I can see the advantage if they could because they would be more flexible so that would be self sufficiency 2 points.

On the down side I imagine that it would take an awful long time to weave 150m even if it was only six inches high. Minus 1 point for defeatism. So I'm going to take a break from the veg and tootle off to do some browsing on t'internet and see if the books that go in to that sort of thing are here or in France.
I suppose I'll also have to do some washing as the washing fairy hasn't been calling much of late.

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