Saturday, 17 February 2007

This is where it starts

First post first blog

This is where we start.

As of today we are waiting to go to France for the summer to start our experiment in self sufficiency.

We are waiting for it to warm up a bit (no heating yet) and for pet passports for Borg, Sissy and Tasha.

We decided years ago that we wanted to get off the "get up go to work come home watch tv go to bed" treadmill. Tried selling the house and living on a narrowboat. That got rid of the mortgage but didn't give us the space to live how we want and try the things we want to do like brewing beer and growing our own food.

So the boat has gone replaced by a house, barn and land in France.

We are going to use our dodgy DIY skills to get a habitable house and our non existent gardening skills to grow our own food.

We are not going to have angst and trouble and trauma unless that's what we decide to call the hens. So no reality tv stuff going on.

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