Sunday, 18 February 2007

Pet Passports

The Girly Dogs and Borg have seen more of the vet over the last couple of weeks than for the last couple of years as they go through the pet passport process.

Luckily their microchips are all still working so we were saved the cost of that, but by the time they've done with rabies shots, boosters for everything else, flea treatments, blood tests and the paperwork we'll of spent £600.

Blood tests are due on the 28th Feb hopefully they'll of done their bit and made lots of anti-bodies and we won't have to start the whole process again.

I was a bit miffed about the whole pet passport thing especially since the UK has loads more requirements than anywhere else. Then I thought it through i.e. we're actually stopping the rest of the pet owners who will never take their animals abroad from having to get a rabies jab for their pets every year.

Still miffed (I'm not that selfless) but at least I see the point and it's got to be better than six month's quarantine if we need to bring them back.

Borg was strangely well behaved we usually have a spitting snarling tiger on our hands at the vets I'm sure he's planning something.

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