Wednesday, 21 February 2007


I'm confused, fodder it seems is an inappropriate word according to AdWords normally it's Sissy who's confused in our house especially if you do something spooky like look at her through a camera .

Life in general is mysterious to Sissy but it doesn't seem to bother her mainly because she only has room for one thought at a time and quite a tenuous hold on whatever thought it is. Unless she is thinking about food or Daddy. Food is important because it's food and Daddy is important because he protects her from spooky things.
He also protects her from Borg who, when he can't be bothered to go out in the
garden and do cat stuff, amuses himself by playing with her mind. He's not honourable he doesn't see her as an unworthy opponent beneath his skills just a bit of light entertainment. He places himself just where she wants to go next and dares her to try walk past him. Perhaps he's practising cat chess when he counters her every dither with a slight change of posture. Eventually Daddy helps Sissy out by suggesting the right move or she just gives up and decides to go somewhere else either way Borg chalks it up as another victory that confirms the superiority of cats.
Dream fodder was the phrase we wanted which to us means stuff that we buy or browse on the internet that gets added into THE PLAN ie the things we dream about doing and we're working towards being able to do.

I looked it up in an online dictionary in case it was just me who'd led a sheltered life and it had something to do with strange practices but no it just gave feed stuff for cows and cannon fodder. So it will remain one of those great unsolved mysteries of life I guess because that's about as much effort as I'm willing to put into finding out.

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