Tuesday, 27 February 2007


The learning French item on the To Do list keeps looking at me funny. Sort of with raised eyebrows and a tut. It's trying to make me feel guilty because I never actually get any further than CD 2 or in other words about a month's worth. I am however up to CD 2 of about four different courses now, but I can't really call that the equivalent of 8CDs worth.

I keep telling it that when I get there it will all be different because I'll have to and I'll get to practice in real life situations like with Madame and Monsieur next door who are really lovely and willing to spend ages getting through to us. It looks sceptical. I'll show it.

In an effort to appease it I've added HardworkingHippy's commune blog Bourrou to my regular reading. It's bite sized chunks and pics so my brain doesn't switch off.

I am getting quite good at getting the gist but getting French to come out of my mouth is another thing altogether. It's like driving lessons "you mean I've got to look in the mirror, change gear and steer round a corner?" except it's "you mean I've got to listen, translate and reply?" all while my brain's running round in circles waving it's arms in the air. If I do actually manage to do all this my brain is then so overcome with admiration that I miss the next 10 minutes of conversation .

Ah well c'est la vie


Fabrice et Irene said...

You've just reminded me I haven't put anything in the Bourrou blog for ages because I've been to busy doing the English version in between shearing the goats.

Karen said...

Well the english one www.lafermedesourrou.blogspot.com is really worth reading too and at least I can't get the wrong end of the stick!