Sunday, 15 April 2007

But We Didn't

Still there are 52 Saturdays in a year and who knows one of them might be the one.

In the meantime there are a great many "b**tards and f**kers coming from the bathroom to be as the shower cabinet goes together. Not the french I had in mind really. We were going to put the shower cabinet on a platform to improve the drainage but TOH changed his mind having spent all day yesterday building it.

To make sure it would still drain OK we set up tempory connections to the outlet and poured a kettle full of water in. What did we prove? That water goes everywhere mainly, especially through floorboards and onto the cat while he's lying in his favourite chair.

So I'm off to hide in the garden where life is simple and plant out my sweetcorn and peas cos the roots are all growing out of the bottoms of the pots. I'll also give the tomatoes and peppers a good talking to for not germinating and the oregano. The kidney beans can sown too I feel. If everything pulls it's weight we could be self sufficient in chilli and spag bol who needs more?


Hedgewizard said...

Nice blog Karen - one to read from the beginning I think! Are you there for keeps now?

Anthony said...

Very interesting reading. I've been thinking about taking up gardening. I used to grow a few rows of corn growing up. I need an escape :)

The Insane Membrane

Karen said...

Thank you Hedgewizard I hope we are here for keeps but money will probably raise it's ugly head in which case we'll be drawing straws for who gets to go back to UK to temp. Could get ugly

Anthony the garden is an excellent escape you get to potter around and be green. How good can it get?

Hedgewizard said...

Right, I'm caught up. Can't Techsupport find some work-from-home thing in the UK that he can do from France? Some kind of, I don't know, supporty thing?

My most useful piece of French has always been "parlez plus lentement, s'il vous plait" - I have no idea if it's correct but it's always worked for me!

Wavy Davy said...

Sad for the cat. You may need to get him waterproofed!

I like the idea of Spag Bol and Chilli self suffiency. Who needs more indeed?

Karen said...

Hedgewizard thanks for the tips on vegetables. We have a flat grassy bit at the bottom of the apple trees that I think hasn't got fruit trees on as it may be a frost pocket the potato treatment sounds ideal. Speak slowly is useful as a change from I don't understand and sometimes I can even understand what they are saying

Wavy Davy unless those tomato seeds germinate there'll be no spag bol but I've given them a stern talking to