Monday, 23 April 2007

Half a Job is Better Than None

Today we applied ourselves and we now have cold and cold running water to the new kitchen sink not only that but worktops too. How's that for civilised? It was almost a pleasure to make food.

We still kept popping out to see the girls though who you will be pleased to know found going to bed an hour later perfectly acceptable and settled down as good as gold. We got two eggs today laid in the nest box that was cunningly designed to be opened from the back so we were all happy.

I love having chickens so I'm afraid you have to have another picture of my darlings.
Tomorrow I will have to lavish some TLC on the veggies the weeds seem to be springing fully formed from the ground everywhere and my plot is looking decidedly scruffy compared to next door.
We just get too easily distracted every time we go out we see WILDLIFE it's great. Deer and a hare yesterday morning on the way to the shops and gorgeous butterflies that have to be looked up in the butterfly book and bugs that have to be looked up in the bug book and birds well you get the picture.
And so to bed with the stuff on the to do list getting a bit done here and a bit done there by the half a job Anglais

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