Friday, 27 April 2007

Self Sufficient Sandwiches

Now that we have eggs (courtesy of our lovely girls) and salad leaves as displayed here we can have egg mayonaise and leaf sandwiches for lunch and congratulate ourselves that we have created a meal entirely from our own produce (except for the bread, butter and mayonaise of course). Oh what a wonderful feeling.

The leaves don't even have many bites out of them as luckily there is a toad living under a nearby plant pot.

Now I look at my garden with pride and joy being that it's only been six weeks in the making but travelling around and looking at other peoples' gardens a slight sense of unease is creeping in. You see my garden is rather like me, a bit scruffy and unkempt at the edges, as you can see by the odd tuft of grass and such on the path. The veg plots I see on my travels are pristine with not a speck of non veg greenary to be seen and rows that are straight I mean really really straight and plants that have been spaced to the millimeter using, well I don't know they must of used a micrometer and lasers or something from CERN or NASA. So I feel the same way as I feel when confronted by women who can wear white for more than ten minutes without looking grubby a little bit chastened but not sufficiently to change my ways.

You can see the peas and beans have a way to go and my supports won't be winning any design awards either but we found the ladders in the barn past supporting people but I don't expect the peas will mind.


Hedgewizard said...

Balls to 'em. Grow the way you live, and bugger neatness. (Neatness is bad for biodiversity anyway) As for their straight lines, get Borg in there just after they sow their seeds, that'll see to those straight lines.

Karen said...

It would appeal to his sense of humour but in general he prefers to use the indoor facilities to give his staff something to do

tea and cake said...

...and, just Where would you get the time to be pullin' up bits o' grass that, well, was there before You All?

Do what you do, it's working!

Karen said...

Oh I just love it when someone tells me exactly what I want to hear