Sunday, 29 April 2007

Toilets, sheep it's all happening here

At last we have a flushing toilet and only two more plumbing bits to buy to get a fully functioning bathroom, well shower room actually we don't have room for a bath and anyway I'm not overconfident that the floor would hold a bath full of water. It's just a niggling doubt you understand something to do with the way it all slopes towards the centre. Anyway tomorrow it WILL be finished.

Well, when I say finished it hasn't actually got any walls around it yet so it's more kind of en suite you've heard of dining kitchens well we have an showering bedroom luckily the shower is strategically placed to allow a certain amount of modesty to be retained whilst using the loo.

It will be put right this week we are on a deadline now. Bob is coming round to put the upstairs sockets in next weekend so we really do need the walls by then. One good thing about France (and there are many but I wouldn't like to go on) is that they sell doors complete with frames so with the size of our house that's half the wall done already.

They've moved sheep into the field near our house. I never realised what noisy buggers they are. It's sounded like non stop Prime Minister's question time ever since they got here. The dogs are a bit put out as it's walks on leads now till we get past them. I don't know what breed of sheep (if any) but the lambs have a real piggy faced look to them. Not that they aren't sweet in their own way of course but it sheds a new light on the porc & mutton sausages we've been buying.

Did I happen to mention that we had chickens by the way? Yes? Well today we had a thunderstorm and rain. I thought they would all seek shelter either in or under the chicken house but no, one had to stand outside (let's call her Anita) she even looked like she was enjoying it. There's surprisingly little to a wet chicken.

We enjoyed the rain or rather the lack of watering duties. Its forecast sun and showers for the next week so that should see the veggies perking up a bit no doubt the weeds too so I'll be out there with me weeding fork till the cows come home. That's another good thing about France by the way, at least this bit, they have really pretty cows.

Well I've really wittered on tonight it's the giddy excitement of having that toilet.


Hedgewizard said...

Don't worry if you get some odd eggs (no shells for example) after heavy rain - the sudden drop in body temperature after a good soaking can sometimes do that to a girl.

Karen said...

Thanks! I had no idea that could happen so far they seem OK but the temperature is really up and down

Jen said...

Love the photos. I'm so jealous, I'd bath in a bucket to swap with you.

Yes. Jealous, jealous, jealous. A bit envious too. Sigh.

Karen said...

Jen you'd probably have to with our dodgy plumbing. But I am having the time of my life I wouldn't swap it for a gold pig as my gran used to say

tea and cake said...

... more jealousy here!

And, My Chickens Have Now Started Laying - real eggs!

Karen said...

Congratulations and welcome to the eggbound Kaz isn't it exciting?