Sunday, 22 April 2007

Today we have mostly been going bup bup bup

That's how we talk to our chickens who have been moved to their new residence.

They took a bit of persuading to come out it was Dolly who came first. We think she's the one who's laying as her wattles are redder than the other girls at the moment. Anyway she's the boldest and will come to you if you bup bup bup and will let you stroke her. The others have yet to come out of their shells (ha ha ) and reveal their personalities.

We've just put them to bed and of course they didn't want to go back in it was still a bit light and all the other birds were still playing out. But the anxious new parents wanted them safely tucked up before dark.
Having a house on legs so they could get shade underneath seemed like a good idea and they have enjoyed making a dust bath under there today but it's also a good place to hide when you don't want to go to bed and no amount of bup bup bupping and tapping your food dish can make you come out.
Maybe tomorrow after they've spent the night in there they'll take themselves to bed.
Tonight we will sleep with the window open so we can hear if there is any ruckus in the night and we have the spotlight ready set up in case any undesirables try to creep in. Well you can't be too careful we'll be buying a 4X4 next so we can transport them safely to their piano lessons

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