Saturday, 28 April 2007

We Are Rubbish at Shopping and Finding Stuff

Every time we have been out looking for something this week to progress the work on the house we have bought something we needed but not what we went for.

Looking for taps we came back with carrot seeds and a tin of paint.

Looking for a base to stand the bathroom sink on we came back with a water butt and a pump for the well.

Today neither of us felt like doing any work so we convinced ourselves we need to go shopping again.

Looking for tiles we came back with herbs.

This house is never going to be finished

We are also going through a phase of finding the things we were looking for yesterday. So while I was looking for a jubilee clip this afternoon I found the countersink bit for the drill that we turned the house and barn upside down for yesterday.

The chickens found a jubilee clip in their run (I kid you not still in it's wrapper too) but unfortunately it was the wrong size and all rusted up, but not a bad effort for chickens who are new to DIY. This is more help than the dogs or cat have ever been.


tea and cake said...

Wow! and they make the fillings for sandwiches, too!

Karen said...

Is it any wonder we love them?