Monday, 9 April 2007

The Garden Wins Again

Another wonderful day in the garden yesterday although I was responsible enough to actually do some washing before playing out. The washing line was full of jeans and tops so Lawrence's undies had to go on the wire across the fireplace to be dried and gently smoked. No vermin in them there undies now!

I can't believe that my stuff is growing and I'm closely inspecting every pot every day for the smallest sign of progress. Now the basil is starting to come up and the garlic. I added oregano, coriander, popcorn, runner beans and french beans to my collection of seeds under the cloche. Unfortunately we lost the watering can down the well and the others in the barn are all too full of holes even if I felt like evicting the spiders so we will have to devise a cunning replacement today.

We have been to the supermarket this morning to get some odds and ends and I suppose I could of bought one there but it just wouldn't of been the same. Lawrence took this pic of Bellac on the way back it's our nearest town and I love this view of it up the hill.

We've found that we can buy a kilo of real coffee for the price of 100g of instant so top money saving tip there. Oh and it is drinkable coffee.

We saw the deer again this morning on the walk with the dogs you can just about see it in the distance in this photo or maybe not.
Anyway the bricks round the front of the house won't move themselves even though we've given them the last six months to do it. So I have an appointment with the wheelbarrow


Anji said...

What lovely photos. It sounds as if you are slowly progressing, your old lives must seem like a million years ago now..

Karen said...

Thanks. I feel completely at home here even though we don't understand whats going on half the time and it's hard to imagine flying a desk again.