Saturday, 21 April 2007

Chickens and eggs

We got to the market at St Junien this morning at the right time on the right day and now we have four warrens. They are in tempory accomodation in the barn at the moment while their house and garden is finnished but sometime this weekend it will be que Changing Rooms music and we'll transfer them to Chateau La Chook. Within a couple of hours of getting them home we have our first egg! We don't know whose it is as there were three of them looking at it in astonishment when we noticed it in the middle of the floor. Unless someone else produces the goods it will be shared for tea.

They will be named Dolly, Jean, Bren and Twink after characters from The Dinnerladies we think we have Dolly picked out already as one of them is bossier and nosier than the rest.

We did consider marrans and there were also some really pretty grey chickens but Tech Support felt the warrens looked like chickens ought to look so that's what we got. They were really quiet in the car coming back except for a squawk or two on sharp bends. Anyway they're pottering about scratching and muttering quite happily now.

The dogs approve and have spent ages already sitting next to the barn door looking at them even the cat stirred himself to take a peek.


Hedgewizard said...

Congratulations! You just can't beat that first egg, you know.

tea and cake said...

OMG! I just tuned into your blog to find you just got chickens too!

Don't know what ours are, I shall have to look in a book, but they do look similar to yours.

Spooky, my hens may have French cousins!

Congratulations, the self sufficiency has now started, eh? kaz :)

Karen said...

Hedgewizard we have had another egg today so we each get one to eat with due ceremony for tea. Don't get no better than this

Kaz yes we have straw all over the inside of the car I almost feel like a farmer!