Saturday, 7 April 2007

Plumbing and Gardening are Us

Look we have some pipes! Here is the water heater in the cellar still on the wall.

One of the jobs that Martin did in addition to bringing some sunshine was help remove the rubble from the cellar that resulted from replacing the concrete floor above. He also helped with the floor on his last visit so in fair ness he did put the rubble there in the first place.
The concrete floor was held up mainly by good luck as it was resting on wooden beams where the woodworm had been holding a ten year party. Had we known we'd never of dared go in the cellar.
Other stuff Martin helped with was digging over the garden and tidying the barn but we didn't take any pics of him.
Here's me starting with the garden while Tasha checks out the route of the path and the progress so far. And here's how it looks today. Soon it will be bursting with yummy fruit and veg goodness.

The pipes by the way have only got as far as the kitchen and are not actually connected to anything yet as it was just too nice outside to let the sunshine go to waste and I had to start extending the veg plot.
Madame next door came to tell me that her husband said it would be much easier if I took the grass off the top out of the way first. Of course this was really an half hour conversation where she tried various versions of what she was trying to tell me and I did the actions with the spade to check what she meant and flicked through the English French dictionary. We got there in the end though and it was much easier to do it that way. It's lucky that she is so patient with her thick English neighbours although we must have the job of village idiots by now.
It's a glorious day again so me and the girly dogs are off to check out the woods.

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